The current challenges include

Controlling and reducing cost through visibility of project scope, forward planning and better access to data. The tools within the software optimise the path to decommissioning at the same time realising any potential for re-use.

Extending the life of the North Sea will be aggregated up from individual assets and facilities. Timing, maintenance, power consumption are all key to the potential for late life extension. But key to this is the knowledge held within each digital copy. Status, condition, criticality and potential risk.

Placing the UK as a global leader in decommissioning. Putting this technology info place now will give the UK a significant advantage, will create jobs, and unlock the potential for growth. It could help put the UK at the forefront of this market and the technology could be exported.

Environmental. The System will host a timeline of the North Sea and Basin, showing a full audit trail of removed infrastructure. This will give reassurance to the ecological challenges in maintaining the waters around the UK.

Creating a standard. A single, unified system, underpinned by an emerging standard, would bring operators, the supply chain and the UK Government closer together, creating a single community and linking required data and shared resources to answer the challenges of late-life and decommissioning in the North Sea

How do we solve these challenges?

  • Help identify what can be re-used rather than recycle
  • Look at a means to plug into renewables or other industries during late life
  • Spares / consumables / maintenance / inspection all come into play if we plan early enough
  • Develop the technology and sell it on. Make the UK and other NS partners best in class
  • Bathymetry, materials and timeline
  • Helping with individual strategies


The current version of the software is being used by Premier Oil on their Balmoral and Huntingdon facilities. Working out of their Aberdeen office we have created working opportunities and have also helped to facilitate the potential for re-use. We have been able to refine the software whilst it is in operation – therefore making us confident that the model proposed can indeed deliver.

Unasys Technology is based in Middlesbrough, an area where the majority of North Sea infrastructure was fabricated.

As well as developing this Technology, there will be an ongoing need to have personnel partner with operators and ensure we get the data in; and then use the Technology to the best of its capability. We would expect most of these people to come from the NE Scotland region and have an Offshore background.