The Unasys Technology creates a digital copy and timeline of the North Sea basin and of the assets that lie within.

As a live model, it will show the current status and condition of every facility, including the operator, facility type, age, planned Cessation of Production (COP), number of wells, status, weight, materials, structure etc.

Each digital copy, will be underpinned by a leading Completions Management software tool that will define, scope and host the tools for the execution of each work package. The digital copy will host a standard set of procedures for bringing systems out of service, and all the certification needed to show that the facility is safe and hydrocarbon free.

The Technology will show, status, condition, criticality, risk, and a proposed inventory disposition for each piece of equipment both Topsides and Subsea. This can then be used to market individual packages and/or facilities that have the potential for re-use.

It will change the way we collect and host our data, resulting in increased operator productivity, and improved efficiencies.

A seamless transition between late life and decommissioning is critical and this technology evolves with the process. The inventory and technical specifications will be linked to the supply chain, including tendering companies and also the circular economy through intelligent portals - making selective information available to the right stakeholders whilst optimising the decommissioning process.

The Technology will also create a full audit trail of materials and equipment that are removed from the North Sea, including the bathymetry of the sea bed and all the well data. This gives reassurance to the ecological challenges in maintaining the waters around the UK.


How we're different to existing technology

Unlike other applications, the Unasys technology is a platform on four levels.

The first, the Digital North Sea, is an overarching visual of the basin showing all assets and their current high level operating attributes.

The second is a digital copy of individual facilities; Topsides, Subsea and Subsurface, that you can walk around in virtual reality.

Both of the above levels are underpinned by the third level or ‘engine’ of one of the most progressive completions software packages on the market. Unasys ePM.

It is within the engine that a standard for late life and decommissioning will be hosted.

CUTOUT2 copy.png

Data Visualisation

The fourth level is data visualisation.Data visualisation will empower users to make better decisions through high level KPIs and metrics.


About the engine

Unasys ePM(v5) is a Completions Software package. It is continuously undergoing further development, and for the past 17 years has been used by major operators and contractors. Premier Oil recognised the value of the core product and asked if that could be used to develop a portal for late life and decommissioning (of their facilities). They and their partners have invested in the digital copy development to date. This has enabled Unasys Technology to get part way to a standard and lay down the foundations for a late life and decommissioning portal.

The total development cost to date of ePM exceeds £800,000 (over 17 years).


The Unasys Technology is an innovative way to organise and bring together the national project of extending the life of, and decommissioning the North Sea. The combination of an accurate Completions Management System – CMS, along with a modern, interactive, visual interface, resulting in a scope overview which no other technology can match. This overarching scope ensures a seamless transition between late life operations and the decommissioning process.